This site has been suspended by our security solution

suspended site url

date of suspension


reason for the suspension

Usage against our terms of use detected.

Please note that the reason may be generalized and may not indicate the exact reason for the block before human review.

why do we block sites?

We constantly monitor all sites hosted at TasteWP to prevent cyberattacks, it protects the owner of the site as well as the visitor.
Our automated set of tools is capable of interpreting the code as well as the database, if it detects something uncommon it will block the site immediately.

Example cases when this tool works the best:
  • Site backdoor possibility - it will prevent third parties from accessing your website ("hacked site" case)
  • Hacked plugins - we do compare plugin contents with these officially published at
  • Modified WordPress - TasteWP is for WordPress sandbox purposes only, we don't allow core file modifications
  • Phishing - it's against our terms of use, it protects visitors and victims of the attack
  • ...

if you're a visitor to this site

You can contact the owner of the site but be aware, that we usually block sites that are suspected of phishing attacks or contain malware code.
Keep in mind the tool is sensitive and may result in false positives as well.

if you're the owner of this site - how to get it back?

Don't worry, it does not mean that your website got blocked forever, you can:
  • Request unblock via email ( ), send an e-mail with the name of this site and a screenshot of the suspension page
  • Request a backup of the site before that was blocked - we will keep backups for a week since the block
If you have a TasteWP account, it will speed up the process if you provide the e-mail of your account as well.
Requesting unblock does not guarantee it will be unblocked, our technician will verify the case manually.

Please write in English, you can use the ready-to-use template by clicking the "email" link above.
E-mails without screenshots of the suspension page will be ignored.
The screenshot should contain the URL of the website as well as the date and reason for the block.